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It’s crazy…she puts a needle in my toe and my eyes close!

It’s crazy…she puts a needle in my toe and my eyes close!  I have been to many acupuncturists over the years but none as phenomenal as Susan Dembo.  She is very smart, caring and technically proficient.  But most importantly, she is intuitive.  Susan asks her patients pointed questions to draw out just what they need both physically and emotionally from

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Arthritis relief

“Susan’s treatment is something I look forward to when I realize I have an appointment coming up.  I started with treatments for low back pain but it has given me so much more.  My sleeping has improved greatly as well as my digestion.  I usually zone right out on the table and most times I fall asleep during the treatment. 

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Restless leg, sciatica, lower back pain

Restless leg, sciatica, lower back pain.  At each session she had some new information and insights as to her treatment for me and also what I could do at home.  Susan has the lightest touch.  She is the most gentle, caring thoughtful acupuncturist I have met.  Susan is gentle and soft spoken.  She listens attentively and puts you at ease

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I became free to heal

“I have tried many alternative healing modalities over the years.  I had sworn I would never allow myself to be “punctured with needles” in acupuncture.  As soon as I met Susan I felt at each to try acupuncture.  I was going through emotional turmoil and suffered chronic neck pain.  The first treatment brought me into a deep state of relaxation

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