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It’s crazy…she puts a needle in my toe and my eyes close!

It’s crazy…she puts a needle in my toe and my eyes close!  I have been to many acupuncturists over the years but none as phenomenal as Susan Dembo.  She is very smart, caring and technically proficient.  But most importantly, she is intuitive.  Susan asks her patients pointed questions to draw out just what they need both physically and emotionally from a treatment.  She truly listens.  Her needling technique is worth noting…it is painless and never frightening.  In addition to traditional acupuncture, Susan is also well skilled in cupping, the use of moxa and guasha.  The office and treatment rooms are beautifully appointed, immaculate and very comfortable.  Fluffy blankets, heat lamps and calming music enhance every treatment for me.  Finally I can truly say that Susan’s weekly work with me has made a vast difference in not only how my body feels but also in my overall happiness and emotional wellbeing.  Thank you Susan!   Jodie S

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