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Susan Delivers Twice the Care

“Acupuncture with Susan Dembo delivers twice the care you’ll receive anywhere. I went to Susan with a very upsetting chronic issue that I had begun to wonder if I would have to live with for the rest of my life. She came highly recommended by 2 people and now I know why. I am not new to acupuncture but from the moment I met Susan and felt the peace in her spa-like, calming space I knew I would be able to truly relax and allow my body to receive treatment on a whole different level. Susan really cares about people and is truly interested in exploring the many ways her approach to acupuncture can clear pathways to wellness. There is nothing automatic or all-knowing about Susan. She understands wellness is a process and gives a lot of thought to her clients’ status and needs. Her trust in the process, too, is something I began to do, and that is how Susan and I, together, helped me get well. This testimonial is not only from me, it is from the dozens of people I have seen in the past year who remark at how my chronic issue seems to be gone — which, essentially, it is. I thought it would be impossible, but because of my work with Susan, I have learned to never say never.”   Lori K

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